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London Docklands

Advice on a good area to buy & then rent a flat in Docklands?


My husband and I are thinking of buying a 1 bedroom flat, possibly in the Docklands area to rent out.

After doing some research as to what is on the market rent wise and what those properties are currently selling for I have a good idea of the money side of things. The problem is I don't have a huge knowledge of the Docklands area and need to know the most favourable areas for renting out. I hadn't realised the area was quite so big and don't want to make a mistake buying in the "wrong" area.

My aim would be a nice new simple flat, easy to rent out to city/docklands workers.

I thought of asking local Docklands estate agents but wasn't sure how one-sided their view would be!

Anyone out there who has any knowledge of this area and could spare a few moments to pass on some advice? I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

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